SUN OIC Course 2: Designing a Quality Course

SUN CTL Online Instructor Certification Course 2, "Designing Quality Courses" is a seven week course conducted completely online.  This course guides students through the Quality Matters Standards.  Students will design two complete Learning Modules based on QM standards and will participate in a peer review using the QM Rubric.  This course is intended to prepare students to design an entire course that meets Quality Matters Standards.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

1. Identify and utlize best practices in the design and development of an online course.

2. Demonstrate the ability to adopt and develop course content, learning activities, and assessments suitable for the online environment.

3. Develop course materials that meet quality matters standards.

4. Demonstrate the ability to utilize LMS tools for designing and teaching online.

5. Apply the Quality Matters Rubric to self-assess and peer review the content and design of course shells created in the course.


 SUN Course 2 is not currently open for registration.  Please continue to check the "OIC Course Registration" page for the most current information on SUN Course 2 registration information.